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Tracy McLauglin: Marin County’s Top Real Estate Agent

Tracy McLaughlin

Real Estate Agent Magazine sat down with Tracy McLaughlin, Marin County’s Top Real Estate Agent, serving Aspen, Colorado, and Marin County who shared her journey to becoming the number one agent since 2005, attributing her consistent success to long hours, enthusiasm for homes and design, and a deep dedication to her clients. In the year 2022, Tracy’s success continued as she closed a staggering $233 million in successful real estate transactions. 

REAM: Can you tell us about your journey in becoming the number one real estate agent in Marin County since 2005? What do you attribute your consistent success to?   

TM: Honestly, a lot of very long hours and a lot of enthusiasm for homes, design, finding the right fit for our buyers and selling homes for the most amount of money for our sellers. I don’t ever think of real estate as “work” or a job. I absolutely love every aspect of the business and can’t wait to wake up every day to engage with our clients. I think the largest component of my success is my drive for perfection with marketing. I write every word of my content for homes and create a brand for a home the way I have branded my business. I also think that success in real estate is about really caring about your clients. It’s not a transactional job. It’s a job of relationships (hopefully for a lifetime). Building a hugely successful business is about caring deeply about your clients; their investment; and helping them buy the “right” home for them and their family. It’s not about commissions or closing deals. Agents who are trying to make fast money will never succeed in the long run if they are not deeply caring about their clients.

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