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Enhance Value with Family Photos

A lot of times when I go into people’s homes I see what I would call a mish mash of family photos all over the place. You know, the frames don’t match, the sizes of the photos aren’t consistent, they’re here and they’re there and they’re everywhere. Some are color and some are black and white, and honestly if you are selling your home that is just a distraction to buyers and it doesn’t photograph well. So if you are considering selling your home, I love the implementation of really well thought out family photographs. For example in the gorgeous Aspen house that I designed, I took our family photos and had them framed consistently with the same matting, all black and white with the same theme, and it is actually just a really great personal gallery to walk through, a way to memorialize your family but in an organized way that shoots well and will make your house enhanced if you are going to sell it.

Consistency is Key

  • Select matching frames, matting and sizes.
  • Stick with black and white or color. Don’t mix and match.
  • Pick a style or theme as a through line.
  • Honor your family history in an organized way.


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