Client Testimonials: JACKIE AND JIM

Dear Tracy,

We cannot thank you enough fo the outcome that you delivered on the sale of our house. You, your team, and Robert Federighi Inc. worked incredibly hard and effectively together to deliver a result that exceeded our expectations in many ways.

We must say that when we met you back in November, we were not sure if our house was a good candidate for your services. After meeting with you, we were immediately put at ease and comfortable with the level of attention that you would provide to our process. Bringing Bob and his team into the equation was absolutely the right recommedation. When we received the estimate for the work that Bob and you recommended, we swallowed hard and put our trust with you and Bob. The results speak for themselves.

Had we listed our house with very minimal updates, we estimate that our house would have sod for $1,850,000 based on comparable homes sold in Ross in November and December. Further, we believe the level of interest would have been muted and the sale process could have taken significantly longer than it did. With an investment of approximately $200,000, we were thrilled with the offer of $2,450,000 on a no-contingency all-cash basis, and a seven-day close. We honestly could not believe that a transaction of this size could come together so quickly and seamlessly that we are still in a bit of shock. The staging by Bob and pricing by you also worked flawlessly to deliver an outstanding outcome.

We wanted to highlight the specifics of our results because we believe in your process and know that endorsements for work well done are more compelling with specific results. Again, we are thrilled with the outcome and will enthusiastically recommend you to any of our friends looking to sell their house in Marin. We are happy to act as a strong reference for you and Bob for any of your prospective clients.

- Jackie and Jim

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